Thursday, August 7, 2014

Southern Oregon's Best Kept Secret: Bridgeview Wine

Best Winery award definitely goes to Bridgeview in Southern Oregon. It's a family owned winery that planted its first grapes in 1982 with a vision of creating high-quality wines at an affordable price. Having lived in Southern Oregon for nearly three years, I was quite established in the rounds of wineries. A few of my favorites included Troon, RoxyAnn, Red Lily, Del Rio and South Stage. All lovely places to enjoy a glass of vino. In fact, South Stage Cellars was a prelude to dinner at the famous Jacksonville Inn where my now husband asked me to marry him.

My girlfriends and I discovered Bridgeview on accident when we took a wrong turn after enjoying wines at both Red Lily and Troon. It turned out to be a diamond in the rough. My favorite, much to my surprise as a leggy red lover was their Semi-Sparkling Riesling. So much so, it's the only wine I've mail-ordered since returning to Seattle. However, it's my most recent interaction with Bridgeview that's motivated me to write this article and encourage you to order a bottle for yourself (or two), and "Like" them on Facebook

Bridgeview's Semi-Sparkling Riesling is in a class of its own. As it was explained to me by Bridgeview why I can't find this particular bottle is marketability. Because it isn't bubbly like a champagne or as sweet as Rieslings, it's hard for a seller to determine its placement on store shelves or on wine lists; and because of its uniqueness, how does one describe how it tastes. Simply put, sellers are lazy! Such a shame too because this might possibly be the one wine that's universal enough to be enjoyed by all regardless of their vino preference. I have yet to find a person who hasn't like this wine of not LOVED it. It's a tantalizingly bottle of deliciousness that pairs perfectly with a hot summer day. 

Okay now, yes, the wine is awesome but so are many labels. What drove me to put pen to paper today is Bridgeview's top-notch customer service; which is exemplary! 

On a Recent shipment that arrived in less than perfect condition due most likely to hot temperatures and/or rough handliling during transit, many of the bottles had burped. As explained to me, if enough pressure builds inside the bottle, wine will seep out around twist-top wine caps.

Bridgeview handled the situation immediately. They were very pleasantand appropriately  apologetic. I was told to keep what was delivered and that a new shipment would be on its way shortly. 

We drank two bottles that evening and although some of its crispness had dissipated, it was still pretty darn good. And just like all good surgeons, they too followed up with me the very next morning. They wanted to ensure my carpet was okay and hadn't been damaged from the wine that had soaked through the box onto the carpet. The carpet is just fine. Thankfully it wasn't a semi-sparkling red but now that I think about it, that sounds absolutely delicious! Bridgeview, if you're reading this, please consider a Sparkling Red. You would nail it. 

In my book, Bridgeview gets an A+. I hope for your next social gathering you'll order a case or more of their Semi-Sparkling Rieslings. It's said that people won't remember what you wear but they always remember what you served. So serve this! And best of all, Bridgeview kept true to its original mission to provide quality wines at an affordable price so for less than 10 dollars a bottle, you get a fabulous bottle of vino. Can't beat that! Plus, shipping only fractionally increases the price point so don't let that scare you. 

Thank you Bridgeview Winery! 

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  1. Hey thanks for the share. I have always wanted to visit a vinery but never have. This looks like it must be so awesome. Thanks again for the post, keep it up.