Monday, February 25, 2013

Stretching too small jeans

By:  Tara Fuller

Making way too tight jeans FIT

It is always best and far less messy to buy your jeans in the correct size right off but if you didn't, this will work.  I recently bought a pair of jeans in haste from a brand I hadn't worn before but were priced over a hundred dollars less online and were just what I had been looking for.  What I didn't take into consideration is what these jeans were made out of. Most jeans nowadays are made with a Cotton/Lycra blend and stretch considerable within a wear or two, so buying a size smaller than your frame is often the best way to buy.

The Raven Denim skinny jeans I bought are 80 cotton/30 polyester, not great for stretch but fantastic for hiding skin imperfections if they are in the correct size.  Keep in mind, I would have returned these if they were not non-returnable...however, I was successfully able to stretch my jean in the waste by at least one full inch. Just what I needed to feel good wearing them. 

Stretching Jeans
  1. Put dry jeans on
  2. Zip and button so you don't risk ripping 
  3. Fill a bathtub with warm water 
  4. Place an old dark towel on the floor outside of the tub and have at least two others towels on the ready for when you get out.  Jeans will have a lot of dye runoff
  5. Add 1/2 cup white vinegar to bath water (vinegar sets color into jeans)
  6. Get in and stay for 15 minute.  After a few minutes you will feel your jeans relaxing as the warm water breaks down the hard exterior coating of the fabric. Once this happens, start moving around in the tub lifting legs, sitting, ect. You will feel the jeans giving.
  7. Get out of tub making sure to stay on the towel you placed outside of the tub. Take spare towels to blot and squeeze water from the jeans that are still on your body. Do NOT take them off.
  8. When there is no risk of dye dripping, start lunging, squatting, pulling up and down jeans while still zipped and buttoned while wearing; and wear for as long as you can stand it
  9. Once jeans are removed from the body, place jeans on a towel and put a hanger that is slightly larger than the jean's waist when buttoned and zipped, wrapped ends of hanger with a washcloth if necessary to make the hanger wider or if you're concerned the fabric may rip; gently squeeze hanger between the waist...let jeans dry overnight.
Whatever you do, do NOT dry these jeans EVER or they will return to the size bought in or worse, SMALLER, as cotton typically shrinks. For me, the jeans stretched about an inch in the waist. I hope that with continued wear they will stretch another half or an inch or so. Then they will be perfect.  I have a tiny suspicion that when it comes time to wash, I may need to slip the wet jeans on my body a few minutes before letting them air dry.

WARNING:  Spray your tub immediately after getting out.  I nearly ruined my tub waiting until the next day to clean it.  Blue dye EVERYWHERE.  Thankfully, baking soda as proven once again to be an amazing household product!