Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Red Cabbage Zinger--Juicing Recipe

By:  Tara Fuller

This is a great juice to add to your rotation because it contains purple cabbage. There's a reason produce comes in rays of color and it so happens to be that blue and purple produce items are a rich source of poyphenols and anthocyanins antioxidants; which are shown to reduce risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Because the skins contain the highest levels of these antioxidants, juicing these rich hued fruits and vegetables are especially beneficial for maximum extraction of their nutrients. 

2 apples 
2 carrots    
1 wedge red cabbage 
1-2 inch piece of ginger to taste
1-2 cups spinach and/or baby kale
1 lemon 

*adapted from Williams-Sonoma

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