Monday, November 5, 2012

Fail-Proof Kale Chips Recipe

By:  Tara Fuller

Healthier Alternative to Potato Chips
Potato chips are loaded with absolutely no nutritional value; but that doesn't stop Americans from buying well beyond 7 billion dollars of them each year.

A large-scale Harvard study conducted over a 20-year period analyzed the dietary habits of 120 thousand people between 33 and 60 years of age. The study, which is published in The New England Journal of Medicine found potato chips have a disproportionate impact on weight gain compared to other guilty pleasures such as alcohol and desserts.

Researches found that potato chips topped the chart for contributing to participants gaining an average of 3.3 pounds every 4 years over a 13-year period. We have found that if made correctly, Kale Chips taste nearly identical to potato chips but without all the weight gain and negative health consequences. They are light and crispy in texture with a delightful greasy and salty taste reminiscent of a potato chip. Instead, kale chips are chalk full of anti-cancer carotenoids and flavonoids; which are specific types of antioxidants. There's a reason Kale is being touted as the "Queen of Greens". 

Dried kale in Salad Spinner
 Fail-Proof Kale Chip Recipe

  1. Head of kale; preferably organic or locally grown however, because the leaves are thick, pesticides are less evident. 
  2. Remove thick stems in the middle of each leaf with a paring knife; wash leaves and pat dry with a paper towel
  3. Place dry leaves onto a tin foiled cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil and massage with hands until each leaf is lightly covered with oil (do not saturate or it will not cook properly)
  4. Lightly sprinkle with sea or kosher salt and bake in a 350 degree preheated oven for 15 minutes or until each leave is crisp to the touch but not burnt (cook completely or it will taste like, kale. YUCK!).      

One bunch of kale makes 1-2 servings

Optional Seasonings: Chilli power, Garlic powder/salt, Onion powder/salt, cayenne, curry and cumin.  Please share your creations for this powerful snack addiction.

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