Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get oil and deodorant stains out of silk

By:  Tara Fuller

So frustrating when you realize your favorite silk piece is marred with deodorant and/or oil stains. Silk isn't cheap so imagine how I felt when I realized my brand new silk top looked destroyed?! Believe it or not, it was a dream getting out. I wish all stains were this simple.

  1. Take your item and place it on a flat surface. I used an ironing board. 
  2. Generously apply cornstarch over the stains and use either a toothbrush or as I did, a spoon to gently but firmly scrap the cornstarch into the material. 
  3. Allow to set for up to 24 hours before taking it either outdoors or in the shower to shake off. Wipe remaining cornstarch residue with a hand towel before re-shaking.  

For me, the deodorant marks and most of the oil stains were gone with the first application; and the rest by the second.

If all else fails or you just can't risk a home remedy gone bad, your safest bet is to get the item to the dry-cleaners as quickly as possible because they have special solutions for a variety of stains.

If you have your own special home remedy for stain removal, please share your secrets with us. 

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