Friday, December 30, 2011

Kick-start 2012 with these 5 simple tips

Each year, millions upon millions of us swear that this is going to be the year we achieve our weight loss goals only to give up in frustration a few weeks in.  By applying these five simple steps, it truly is possible to change the way you look and feel about yourself.

1)  Get out of those sweats!  Get dressed for the day even if you aren't planning on going anywhere. Put your face on!  It doesn't have to be a lot, a swipe of mascara or a freshly shaved face for a man is just enough to start your day feeling confident and in the mind frame to make good decisions all day long. 

2)  Eat breakfast within the first hour of waking up to kick-start your metabolism; but despite what everyone says about making it the biggest meal of the day, don't.  Don't waste calories in the AM. Save those calories for nighttime when you are more likely to find yourself with cravings. Instead, make it nutrient rich meal with as few calories as you can without depriving you of essential nutrients. I try to keep my morning breakfast between two and three hundred calories.  The following are a few of my favorite morning staples.

a) Half a whole-wheat English muffin with a smidgen of peanut butter, banana slices if I have any, and honey (I love my honey). 

b) One or Two eggs fried with olive or coconut oil sprinkled lightly with salt, pepper and onion powder until cooked but yoke is still runny. Place eggs on top a slice of extra toasted whole wheat bread and just before eating prick yokes so it soaks into the bread.

c) Fry an egg and if desired, an additional egg white on olive or coconut oil. Once yoke sets, pierce yoke with a fork and continue cooking until yoke is solid. As egg cooks, heat a slice of Canadian bacon in egg pan until ham is nicely brown on both sides. Place ham and egg on a slice of English muffin and top it with the other.  I often eat mine open face to save a few calories and if I have spinach and bell peppers, I add those too!

d) Half a cup of Greek yogurt (I like Fage 2%) topped with honey and fruit of choice. 

3)  Pay attention to fiber and drink LOTS of fluids.  Fiber makes you feel full.  Plus, foods high in fiber are typically healthier options and have the added benefit of fewer calories.  Translation, eat more with less guilt!  

4)  Don't deprive yourself!!!  You can still have that cookie, cupcake or whatever makes life worth living for you.  The key is moderation. Tell yourself you can have that cookie in x amount of hours or after a walk so long as you set some sort of delayed stipulation for the treat.  You may find once the stipulation is reached, you don't actually desire it anymore and will decide to save it for another day.

5)  When cravings take over, distract yourself!  Call a friend, go on Facebook or Twitter, take a walk or just go to bed.  Personally, I've learned I'm more likely to mindless eat when I'm tired or just plain bored.  


  1. Great blog with good idea. Thanks, Theresa

    1. Theresa, thank you for the compliment. We try! If you are a Facebook user, a simply way to follow our blog is via our page at

  2. Those are great tips. Even when you work from home, putting yourself together makes you feel good.

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