Monday, December 19, 2011

Does housework really constitute a workout?

by:  Tara Fuller 

Everyone knows housework is work, but is it also a workout?  It certainly can be.  The following are common household chores based on calories burnt over 30 minutes of continuous activity.
           Cooking:   85-100                                      Raking Leaves:  146-225
           Unloading Groceries: 190                            Scrubbing Floors:  100-200
           Dusting:  50-85                                           Scrubbing Tubs:  150-200
           Dish Washing by Hand:  160                       Sweeping:  112-125
           Ironing:  69                                                 Vacuuming:  90-119
           Loading Dishwasher:  105                           Washing Windows:  102-125
           Making Beds:  130                                      Washing Car:  143
           Mowing Lawn:  187                                    Weeding:  115
           Painting:  90-160
Any vigorous activity that raises your heart rate for 20 minutes and longer strengthens cardiovascular health in addition to burning off unwanted fat; but many of these activities are also good for your muscles too. Ironing for instance helps to tone and strengthen the upper body, especially those pesky underarms that seem to have a mind of their own.  And who doesn't want a firmer backside?  Weeding is fantastic for toning thighs and butts.  The key to turning those everyday chores into an efficient workout is to keep focused on your goals and stay moving.                           


  1. My house is gonna be SOOO clean!! Love your blog Tara. I will be returning and reading more.

  2. Good guide to the calories, thanks